Announcement: Services and Rates Change

As I grow and develop as an editor and small business owner, I’m implementing some tweaks to the structure of my services and rates to better help authors and ensure that my services are of the highest possible quality. Below is a summary of the upcoming changes and when they come into effect.


Working with dozens of authors on dozens of books over the past year has really changed my philosophy on editing. Whereas I used to try to categorize my services according to common publishing terminology (line editing, copy editing, and proofreading), I’ve found this doesn’t work very well in practice. Every manuscript has different editing needs, and it’s nigh impossible to define the type of editing I do. I’ve also realized the value passing over a manuscript more than once. You can read all about that by clicking here.

The challenge of defining my editing according to the traditional publishing model and the importance of reviewing a manuscript two or more times have led me to restructure my services. Effective now, I offer a single-pass edit for $6.50 per 1000 words (formally “line editing”), a double-pass edit for $9.50 per 1000 words (formally “line editing” with a subsequent “proofread”), and what I’ve dubbed complex editing for individually quoted rates.

So far, authors have responded well to this change. Many found the distinction between line editing, copy editing, and proofreading confusing and unhelpful. They didn’t so much care what the editing was called; they were more interested in what it looked like in real life, which is always different and depends on the manuscript and the author. Most authors are opting for the double-pass edit, which offers the best value and is producing the best quality work.

Have any feedback about this change? I’d love to hear it! Feel free to reach out and contact me at


Discussing rates is always tough, especially in the editing world, where rates can vary wildly. As I work with more and more authors and the competition in the self-publishing industry grows, I’ve found it necessary to alter my rates so that I can continue providing the best quality work.

Currently, my rates are as follows:

As of January 1, 2019, my rates will change to the following:

Any project booked before January 1, 2019, will receive the old rates.

I look forward to another year of BD Editing and helping indie authors make the best books they can. If you have any questions about the way I’m structuring services or my new rates, please feel free to send me an email!