My name is Bodie Dykstra, and I’m a professional editor based out of British Columbia, Canada. I believe that independent publishing has definitively changed the way that authors connect with readers. By providing high-quality editing and formatting services, my mission is to help indie authors create books that are indistinguishable from the best traditionally published books.

My Background

I earned a Master of Arts degree in history from the University of Calgary in 2014. I studied military history, specifically the British Army’s use of field fortifications in the First World War (about which I published an article in the peer-reviewed Journal of Military History). I then completed a Professional Writing Certificate that included formal training in copy editing and proofreading. I started BD Editing in 2015 and have been editing full-time since 2017. Since then, I’ve worked on hundreds of projects with dozens of authors, some of whom are Amazon bestsellers and make a living with their writing.

My Style and Philosophy

I subscribe to the idea that language is constantly evolving and changing, and I acknowledge that many of the grammar “rules” taught in high school English classes are a matter of style and are not representative of the way we communicate.

I generally follow Merriam-Webster’s approach to language: regular, sustained, and widespread usage of words, syntax, and grammar, not the arbitrary preferences of outspoken critics, determines correctness. In other words, I think it’s okay to use “like” as a conjunction, split your infinitives, or end your sentences with prepositions because we do those things when we communicate and regularly see them in carefully edited prose.

Above all, clarity is king.

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