Now that your eBook is edited and ready to go, it’s time to format and convert it into an EPUB or MOBI file. Ensuring that your eBook looks right on all devices requires specialized formatting and some HTML/CSS coding. I provide affordable formatting and conversion services to make your eBook look clean, crisp, and professional.


Why comes with eBook Formatting?

Send me your manuscript (in .doc or .docx format) with all the necessary front matter, back matter, and artwork. I’ll return a properly coded eBook that you can upload to Amazon, Kobo, or any other retailer that accepts .EPUB or .MOBI files. (If you plan on uploading to Smashwords, see below.) My formatted eBooks include the following:

  1. Professional, user-friendly appearance
  2. Responsive layout that fits all devices and screen sizes
  3. Proper headings, structure, spacing, alignment, and indentation
  4. Hyperlinked table of contents
  5. Correct typographical symbols (like en dashes and em dashes)

I offer customization for alignment, indentation, heading style, page break graphics, etc. Just let me know what you have in mind! Click here to view some images of a sample eBook on a Kindle Paperwhite. Note the hyperlinked table of contents, the embedded navigation, the chapter graphics, the scene break graphics, and the paragraph indentations.



My rate for eBook formatting is $50.00 USD for the first 60,000 words plus $7.50 per 10,000 words thereafter. For example, an 80,000-word book would be $65.00 ($50.00 for 60,000 words and $15.00 for the next 20,000 words).

I insert your existing graphics at no charge, but designing and creating new graphics (like those in the sample images above) is not included in this pricing. If you want to enhance your eBook with some custom internal graphics and don’t have some already, just ask! We can talk about what you want and I can send you a quote.

Bundle formatting with an editing service and get 15% off the formatting price. Upload a copy of your Microsoft Word (.doc) file below to get started!


Uploading to Smashwords?

Smashwords distributes eBooks to most of the major retailers except Amazon. However, Smashwords requires that you upload a specially formatted Microsoft Word document, not an .EPUB or .MOBI file. Skip the hassle of learning the Smashwords formatting guidelines and the subtleties of how the Smashwords conversion software affects your eBook. I prepare Smashwords-compatible Word documents starting at $45.00 USD.


Format Your eBook

Upload a .doc file of your manuscript below. I’ll send you a free quote and a timeline within two business days!