Line Editing

Nothing pulls a reader out of a book like mistakes, confusing sentences, or awkwardly worded prose. Editing polishes text by correcting errors and enhancing overall readability. Want to see what editing can do for you? I offer free sample edits of up to 1000 words. Click here to send me a sample today! You can also click here to see a portfolio of my past published projects.


My Style/Philosophy

I subscribe to the idea that language is constantly evolving and changing, and I acknowledge that many of the grammar “rules” taught in high school English classes are stylistic choices and are not representative of the way we communicate. I generally follow Merriam-Webster’s approach to language: regular, sustained, and widespread usage of words, syntax, and grammar, not the arbitrary preferences of outspoken language critics, determines correctness. In other words, I think it’s okay to use sentence fragments, split your infinitives, or end your sentences with a preposition because we do these things when we communicate and we regularly see them in carefully edited prose. Above all, clarity is king.


How I Edit

I prefer to work in Microsoft Word. I use a combination of Track Changes and the comments feature. I believe editing has a strong educational component; therefore, I like to explain why I make certain changes so authors learn more about their tendencies and how to improve as writers. Some authors prefer more comments, while others prefer less, and I adjust my level of commenting to suit the author’s preference. I also embrace technology and use Word’s advanced search functions, Grammarly Premium’s grammar and contextual spelling features, and Microsoft Excel to catch as many errors and inconsistencies as possible.


Services and Rates

I provide three editing services to fit the needs of your project: single-pass editing, double-pass editing, and complex editing. The best service for your manuscript depends on (1) the quality of the prose, (2) what you want to improve, and (3) your budget. See below for more detailed descriptions and rates.

Unlike most editors, I don’t label my services as line editing, copy editing, or proofreading because these terms are fluid and every manuscript has different editing needs. Generally, my editing resembles a hybrid between line editing and copy editing. Don’t know which service to choose? Want to know what my editing looks like in real life? No problem! Send me a short sample; I’ll review it for free and send you a recommendation!

(Please note that clients with Canadian mailing addresses are subject to applicable federal and provincial sales taxes in addition to the prices listed below.)

Single-Pass Editing

This service focuses on correcting the prose. I review the manuscript once to fix grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling errors, to ensure internal consistency, and to conform the text to major style guides (usually the Chicago Manual of Style). I’ll also flag unclear passages and suggest alternative wordings when possible. Single-Pass Editing works best when you’re happy with the quality of your prose and the text is relatively clean. For texts containing a high frequency of errors, a follow-up editing pass (see Double-Pass Editing below) is strongly recommended. Click here to read more about the limitations of editing and the value of multiple editing passes.

$7.50 USD per 1000 words

Double-Pass Editing

This comprehensive service is recommended for most authors and reviews your text twice. The first pass focuses on improving the prose. I aim to enhance flow, clarity, and overall readability by correcting grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, reworking sentence structure, eliminating overused or repetitious phrases, and upgrading word choice. After the first pass, I’ll return the manuscript so you can review and action my comments and queries. Once you’re done checking it over, I’ll review the text a second time. This second pass corrects any remaining errors and gives the manuscript a final polish.

$11.00 USD per 1000 words

Complex Editing

My complex editing service is best for authors who speak English as a second language, new authors just learning how to write, or authors who want substantial rewriting. Complex editing works great for small samples of 5,000 to 10,000 words so you can see where you need to improve and how you can become a better self-editor. All complex edits are different, so send me a sample and a description of your project’s needs, and I’ll give you a free quote!

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Editing Portfolio

Below are some of the past published projects I’ve edited or proofread. Use the arrows to navigate through the list and click on the thumbnail to view the book’s Amazon page.


Free Editing Sample

It’s hard to choose an editor. I believe that authors have the right to know what they’re paying for, so I offer free editing samples of up to 1000 words. Simply complete the form below and attach a piece of writing. I’ll return the sample within three business days. Your work will remain confidential and there’s absolutely no commitment to make a purchase. This contact form accepts .doc (unfortunately not .docx) and .pdf files. (If your file won’t attach, you can e-mail it directly to