Nothing pulls a reader out of a book like mistakes, confusing sentences, or awkwardly worded prose. Editing polishes text by correcting errors and enhancing overall readability. Want to see what editing can do for you? I offer free sample edits of up to 1000 words. Click here to send me a sample today!


Services and rates

I offer three editing services to fit the needs of your project: stylistic editing (improving the text), copy editing (correcting the text), and proofreading (the final check). The best type of edit for your manuscript depends on (1) the quality of the prose, (2) what you want to improve, and (2) your budget. See below for more detailed descriptions and rates. Don’t know which service to choose? Send me a short sample; I’ll review it for free and send you a recommendation!

Stylistic Editing

Stylistic editing improves the text. It enhances clarity, flow, and overall readability by reworking sentence structure, making the prose more concise, eliminating overused or repetitious phrases, and upgrading word choice. While stylistic editing corrects errors, I still recommend pairing a stylistic edit with a discounted proofread so that the text is free of mistakes.

$9.00 USD per 1000 words

Copy Editing

Copy editing corrects the text by fixing grammar, syntax, punctuation, and usage errors. It also ensures internal consistency in terms of plot, terminology, spelling, etc. and flags repetitive word choice or awkward wording. Copy editing should happen when you’re happy with the readability of your prose and you’re ready to ensure that it is grammatically correct. A subsequent (and discounted) proofread to catch any final mistakes or input errors is recommended.

$6.50 USD per 1000 words


Proofreading is the final check of your manuscript and is most helpful after a stylistic or copy edit. Proofreading catches all those final mistakes—like typos, misplaced commas, or simple input errors—before your book gets published or goes live online. I offer 25% discounts on proofreads if you bundle them with one of my other editing services.

$4.00 USD per 1000 words


Free editing sample

It’s hard to choose an editor. I believe that authors have the right to know what they’re paying for, so I offer free editing samples of up to 1000 words. Simply complete the form below and attach a piece of writing. I’ll return the sample within three business days. Your work will remain confidential and there’s absolutely no commitment to make a purchase. This contact form accepts .doc (unfortunately not .docx) and .pdf files.