Line Editing

Nothing pulls a reader out of a book like mistakes, confusing sentences, or awkward wording. Line editing focuses on polishing the prose at the sentence level by correcting errors and enhancing overall readability. It is most effective when you are already happy with the big-picture aspects of your book, like plot, character development, scene structure, etc.

Want to see what line editing can do for you? I offer free sample edits of around 1000 words. Click here to send me a sample today. You can also click here to see a portfolio of my past projects.

Services and Rates

I provide two line editing services to fit the needs of your project: single-pass editing and double-pass editing. The best service for your manuscript depends on (1) the quality of the prose, (2) what you want to improve, and (3) your budget. See below for more detailed descriptions and rates.

Unlike most editors, I don’t label my services as “copy editing” or “proofreading” because these terms are fluid and hard to define. Moreover, every manuscript has different editing needs. For example, very clean manuscripts require little invasive editing, so the work closely resembles proofreading. Other manuscripts by new authors may require more extensive work to clarify meaning or smooth out wording.

Don’t know which service you need? Want to know what editing looks like in real life? No problem! Send me a short sample (about 1000 words); I’ll review it and send you a recommendation!

(Please note that clients with Canadian mailing addresses are subject to applicable federal and provincial sales taxes in addition to the prices below.)

Single-Pass Editing

This service focuses on correcting the prose. I review the manuscript once to fix grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling errors, to ensure internal consistency, and to conform the text to major style guides (usually the Chicago Manual of Style). For texts with a high frequency of errors, a follow-up pass (see below) is strongly recommended.

$8.25 USD per 1000 words

Double-Pass Editing

This service reviews your text twice. The first pass focuses on improving the prose. I aim to enhance flow, clarity, and overall readability by correcting grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, reworking sentence structure, eliminating overused or repetitious phrases, and upgrading word choice. After the author has an opportunity to review my comments and make further revisions, a second pass catches any remaining errors and gives the text a final polish.

$12.00 USD per 1000 words

Complex Editing

Complex editing involves more extensive and invasive revisions. Authors who speak English as a second language will in most cases require complex editing to clarify meaning and to ensure that the text sounds as natural as possible to the English ear. For Anglophone authors, complex editing can help elevate your prose by making the text more concise, reducing filter constructions, varying sentence structure, reducing repetition, rewriting awkward passages, improving paragraphing, and more. Like double-pass editing, complex editing reviews your book twice.

Starting at $15.75 USD per 1000 words

How I Edit

I prefer to work in Microsoft Word. I use a combination of the tracked changes function and the comments feature. I believe that editing has a strong educational component; therefore, I like to explain why I make certain changes so that authors can learn more about their tendencies and how to improve as writers. Some authors prefer more comments, while others prefer fewer, and I adjust my level of commenting to suite the author’s preference.

I also embrace technology. I make extensive use of Microsoft Word’s search and replace functions, Grammarly Premium and ProWritingAid, and even Microsoft Excel to catch as many errors and inconsistencies as possible. Finally, whenever I can, I employ text-to-speech apps, removing yet another element of human error.

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