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About Me

Hello! I'm Bodie Dykstra, a freelance editor who specializes in science fiction, fantasy, GameLit, and LitRPG. I believe that self-publishing has forever changed the way that authors connect with their readers, and my mission is to help independent authors succeed in an increasingly competitive market by producing top-quality books.

My Background

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Master of Arts degree in 2014. My research focused on British military tactics during the First World War, and I even published an article in the Journal of Military History. I'm also a space and science geek. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that military science fiction is my favorite genre to read for fun.

I don't have any fancy credentials or experience working at a prestigious Big Five publishing house. I have, however, edited over one hundred books, and I currently work with several best-selling self-published authors, including J.R. Mathews, Dean Henegar, and Bruno Miller.

What I Edit

I prefer to work with fiction, though I will consider nonfiction projects if I'm at least somewhat comfortable with the subject matter. (If you've written a history book, I'm your guy.) My portfolio is full of science fiction, LitRPG, and fantasy, but I also enjoy working with YA and romance. I do not accept projects that include harem elements (I will consider reverse harems) or any sort of male wish-fulfillment fantasy.


"I've worked with Bodie Dykstra for over a dozen of my novels. He's been a great partner in understanding what I need with my edits and providing excellent work despite the challenging genre I write in. Since I started working with Bodie, I have received thousands of reviews for my work, but not one of them has complained about the editing or grammar, and that's all thanks to Bodie." - Dean Henegar

"Bodie is a fantastic editor. He has worked on three books of mine so far and each one has turned out 200% better because of his dedicated edits and suggestions. He does a stellar job with the line-by-line edits. improving the grammar, word choice, and spelling throughout my books without fail. More importantly, he also gives wonderful suggestions and edits that help improve the flow, clarity, and comprehensibility of my novels. The end result is a significant improvement over the original drafts. I've come to trust his work so much I find myself accepting almost every single suggestion he makes because his eye for readability and his attention to detail is without compare. Even after he is done with an edit, he still stays in close contact with me, working with me to fix anything that comes up or answer any questions I might have. I thoroughly recommend his services and plan to use him as my editor for all my future novels." - J.R. Mathews

"Bodie did a killer job. The edits were quick, thorough, and helped bring out my voice as a writer. Personally, I consider myself to be a bit of a grammar snob, so I have high standards for editors. Bodie met them all. Highly recommended." - Stuart Thaman

"Bodie is great. He's well-read, meticulous, easy to work with, and well priced for the work he offers. I would recommend him for all your finishing touches!" - Austen Rodgers