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Line Editing

I provide line editing, which is editing on the level of the sentence (and sometimes the paragraph). It focuses on correcting mistakes while also improving flow and readability. Line editing does not provide feedback on plot, character development, scene structure, etc. (that is the domain of developmental editing). Line editing typically comes after you're happy with the bones of your story and you're ready to start preparing the text for publication.

Services and Rates

Unlike many editors, I don't use common terms like "copyediting" or "proofreading" to describe my services; every edit is different, and every book has its own needs. To provide maximum flexibility, I simply offer a single-pass service and a double-pass service. What's best for your book depends on your goals, the quality of your prose, and, of course, your budget. See below for a description of each service. The rates are there, too.

Single-Pass Editing

My single-pass service focuses on correcting grammar and spelling, ensuring internal consistency, and making the text conform to major style guides (usually the Chicago Manual of Style). I recommend the double-pass service for books with a high frequency of corrections.

$11.50 USD per 1000 words

Double-Pass Editing

My double-pass service is by far the most popular. In addition to everything included in single-pass editing, double-pass editing aims to improve the prose by enhancing flow, readability, and clarity. After the first pass, authors have an opportunity to review and revise. The second pass catches any final mistakes before the book is published.

$17.00 USD per 1000 words

Complex Editing

For projects that require a bit more work and attention, complex editing can help. Complex editing is recommended for very novice writers or authors who speak English as a second language. Like the double-pass service, complex editing reviews the text twice. There is also a strong educational component to complex editing, and many authors like to submit smaller chunks of text for feedback while they practice and improve their craft.

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My Philosophy and Method

I follow Merriam-Webster's approach to language: regular, sustained usage determines correctness, not the preferences of long-dead (and often grumpy) grammarians. I believe it's fine to split your infinitives, end your sentences with prepositions, or use sentence fragments. Above all, clarity is king.

I also embrace technology and use any and all tools at my disposal (Grammarly, ProWritingAid, and even Microsoft Excel to find missing punctuation or quotation marks). Text-to-speech is my best friend. I listen to every book at least once (usually twice), which helps me catch so many missing words and sneaky misspellings that my eyes alone would have glossed over. Text-to-speech has been a game-changer for me, and any editor who isn't using it absolutely should be.

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